• Would you love to do yoga but think you can’t?
  • Did you used to do yoga but think you can’t do it any more?
  • Do you want to try a different approach to managing your pain, injury or illness?
  • Do you think yoga would help you loosen up – physically and/or mentally?

We can help with all of the above!

There are many reasons people think they can’t do yoga… They range from “not flexible enough”, “not strong enough” and “too overweight” (which, despite what many think, can all actually be accommodated in a general yoga class!)…. Through to chronic pain, depression, neurological problems and other medical conditions (like diabetes, fibromyalgia, breathing problems, chronic fatigue and many more). These concerns can make attending a general yoga class tricky initially, so this is where Yoga Therapy comes in.

Vicki is a Specialist Physiotherapist, Registered Yoga Teacher and a Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, so she can adapt yoga for anyone, with any difficulties or challenges. Yoga is a lot more (and sometimes less!) than many people think.  Most people are familiar with yoga ‘poses’ (just one of the physical practices of yoga), but less so with yoga’s other therapeutic practices (see below).  Yoga Therapy can start with techniques as ‘simple’ (but not easy!) as breath and body awareness.


A Yoga Therapist is an experienced Yoga Teacher with additional formal training and qualifications, specialised skills and knowledge in the application of Yoga within a therapeutic setting. A Yoga Therapist draws from the principles of Yoga and the full range of Yoga practices, as well as bio-medical knowledge and assessment skills, to develop a self-empowering therapeutic programme appropriate to their client’s needs. As Vicki is also a Specialist Physiotherapist, she is well-placed to blend the most recent scientific evidence with the multi-faceted practices of Yoga.

Vicki provides clients with a comprehensive assessment based on their unique needs, and an individually-tailored yoga therapy programme (with appropriate modifications of yoga practices where needed). This programme can be practised at home and/or in small group classes with Vicki.  With periodic reviews, Vicki can then help you progress to a point where you are either independent with a well-rounded home yoga practice, or able to attend a general yoga class elsewhere.

Vicki incorporates the following yoga techniques into her therapeutic home programmes and classes:

  • physical yoga poses & sequences (called asana in yoga)
  • breath awareness & specific breathing exercises (pranayama)
  • mindfulness & meditation (dharana & dhyana)
  • relaxation training (including yoga nidra)
  • self-inquiry
  • lifestyle recommendations from a yogic / Ayurvedic perspective
  • and there are many more physical and philosophical practices for those who are keen to learn!


Vicki includes practices from a variety of different yoga approaches or ‘styles’, including Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative Yoga, based on what each individual needs at a given time.


  • Yoga Therapy sessions with Vicki are claimable under Private Health cover for Physiotherapy. Find more information here. (link to FAQ about Private Health).
  • All yoga props are available in the studio for individual sessions and classes. While props can be purchased from yoga suppliers for at-home practice, they can also be modified from everyday objects.
  • Vicki also works with children and adolescents. Find out more here
  • Clients’ carers and partners (and of course parents) are welcome to attend if they are keen to be involved in assisting with their yoga programmes.

Fore more information on Yoga and Yoga Therapy, see our FAQs

Contact us, to see how we can help you, today.

wild child kids + family yoga

Yoga allows kids to explore the world of movement, and to explore the world through movement.  Through movement they learn about their body, mind and spirit, and how they work together!
As well as all the physical benefits, yoga fosters individual and social skills, equipping kids with the tools they need to move smoothly through their world.


Yoga helps kids develop:

  • body awareness & posture
  • flexibility & mobility
  • strength, control & coordination
  • self-confidence & self-esteem
  • emotional self-regulation
  • relaxation skills
  • concentration & focus
  • social skills & teamwork
  • so many other physical and mental health benefits!

Classes & workshops include yoga poses adapted into kids’ themes, story-telling, music, yoga games, partner yoga, and exercises focussing on breathing, visualisation, relaxation and guided meditation.  Family classes allow family members to enjoy yoga together – all family members are welcome, with any level of fitness or ability.


Yoga adventures are a wonderful opportunity for kids and their families to spend quality time together – connecting, playing, laughing, and engaging in fun and healthy activity, which fosters creativity, expressiveness, non-competitiveness, respect and awareness of themselves and others.

{Parents are sometimes concerned that their children won’t “sit still”… This is not a requirement of kids yoga! It is all about FUN, JOY and CREATIVITY through movement.}

Taught by fully certified Yoga Teachers with additional qualifications in Kids & Family Yoga.

Vicki is also a Specialist Physiotherapist and IAYT-Certified Yoga Therapist, so can adapt yoga for anyone of any ability.  (The same can’t be said for all forms of exercise, but yoga is different… It’s not just exercise…) If your child has different abilities or medical conditions, contact Vicki about your needs.  Kids are encouraged to join classes (after an initial Physio assessment, if required); otherwise individual Home Programmes can be designed.